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Mediation provides a fair, non-confrontational method by which to settle a variety of legal disputes.  Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that puts those most affected by the dispute and its resolution in control of the outcome.  Successful mediations are not considered so until both sides of a dispute are satisfied with a resolution.

Mediation is effective in a variety of legal arenas, including:

  • Family law

  • Employment law

  • Personal injury law

  • Business law

  • Civil law

Litigation is expensive and time consuming, which is why many people prefer to settle disputes outside of the courtroom.  Putting oneself at the mercy of a judge or jury that is not completely familiar with a situation can result in everyone feeling unhappy with the outcome.

In mediation, disputing parties save time and money by resolving the issue on their own.  They are guided by a third-party neutral arbitrator and if they so choose, represented by an attorney.   

Russell F. Rowen