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Real Estate / Property Tax

We provide legal services concerning the purchase, sale, and financing of shopping centers, office buildings, apartment buildings, and housing developments. We represent developers of both commercial and residential developments. Such development transactions have involved both private financing as well as government source financing. We also provide legal services in connection with the drafting and negotiation of shopping center leases and other commercial leases. We represent purchasers and sellers, borrowers and lenders, and landlords and tenants in these transactions. The real estate transactions in which we participate generally range in size and complexity from simple $200,000 purchase and sale transactions to real estate development projects financed with more than $35,000,000 of debt and equity investment. Our firm provides advice as to the legal, tax, and financial structure of the transactions and participates in the negotiation and drafting of the documentation for the transaction.


Property Acquisitions and Dispositions

Our firm has a sophisticated practice in acquisition and disposition of real property, as well as the formation of real estate-related entities. Our real estate attorneys have expertise in the drafting and negotiation of complex transactional documents. We have represented real estate investors and developers in the acquisition and development of all types of properties, including office complexes, industrial projects, and shopping centers.

Our real estate attorneys also have substantial experience in the collateral issues involved in the acquisition of real property, including detailed analysis of title condition and surveys, and counseling on development, construction, and long-term financing. Our real estate development expertise provides invaluable insight in evaluating entitlements for acquisition property.

Real Estate Development

The firm represents a wide range of development projects in Northern California, from small conversions to new developments. Our firm provides counsel to the long-term implications of development requirements including subsequent construction, financing, operation, leasing and sale of a development project.

Commercial Leasing

Our real estate attorneys have extensive experience representing both commercial landlords and tenants in a variety of leasing transactions. We have been responsible for providing legal services in complex lease negotiations of commercial and retail space, including long-term commercial leases for company headquarters, shopping center leases, and single-user retail ground leases.


The firm has broad experience in real estate-based financing ranges from large institutional deals to small transactions. We offer clients a unique perspective by representing both borrowers and lenders, which enables us to understand the perspective of both sides.


Our firm has extensive experience in Section 1031 deferred exchanges, taxation of real property transfers and leases, transfer tax and other tax matters involving changes of ownership and reassessment. Our attorneys have handled successful property tax appeals for commercial property, resulting in significant reductions in assessed value and corresponding tax savings.

Our Attorneys That Will Assist You:

Charles M. Thompson Blase Kornacki
Philip H. Welch IV Raihane Dalvi
Richard S. Soroko Timothy S. Galusha